RC Construction Trucks Are Must-Have Equipment For All Remote Control Construction Toy Projects

After you design your remote control construction project the first tools you’ll use for turning that design into physical reality are your RC construction trucks.

You have to get your RC construction equipment to the jobsite before any work begins.

You’ll haul your excavators (the first tool for clearing the site in preparation for your build project), front loaders (for scooping up the loose dirt, filling the dump trucks, and final leveling work), the forklifts (for positioning your building materials), and the cranes (for delivering those materials to the upper levels of construction) all to your site with flatbed semi trucks.

Starting, of course, with the excavators since those are the first RC construction equipment you’ll use to start the clearing phase.

The flatbed trailer semis are not only key equipment for transporting your RC construction toys to the site, but you’ll also use them for delivering all your building materials, and the forklifts that unload those materials for distribution around your build site.

As you excavate dirt in preparation for your project foundation use your RC dump trucks to haul that dirt to holding areas for use later. The excavators and loaders fill the dump beds with the dirt you dig away.

Once the excavators and loaders remove the excess dirt, and level the ground, it’s time to construct the foundation. Now you’re ready for the cement mixer trucks. They’ll bring in, and pour, the concrete to form the base of your building area.

When your project requires multi-level construction you need a crane truck to deliver materials to the upper levels. Only the crane truck combines mobility with the ability to lift items into place. The crane truck climbs the roads that lead upward, carrying the building materials along, as the project takes shape.

Only your imagination limits the number of radio control construction toy projects you can build.

Whether you design racetracks and drag strips, monster truck rally arenas, airports, boating lakes or ponds, towns, or cities you’ll need the RC construction toys to prepare your site, lay the foundation, and deliver your materials to the work crew.

And the very first radio control construction equipments you’ll use are the remote control trucks.

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Build An All-Purpose NITRO RC Course With Your RC Construction Toys

Design a layout to hold all your NITRO events on. Then build it with your RC construction toys. Draw your design out in blueprint form so you have a picture of your final model track to refer to as you construct your event center.

Make sure you scale your project for all sizes of NITRO models you’ll run.

For a multiple use design lay out a large oval with a straight track to the side. Inside the oval you’ll want four hills. Plan for two at each end positioned one at each oval “corner.”

You’ll run your drag and funny car races on the straight track. Race the stock and open wheel cars on the oval track for. Use the mounds for monster truck and buggy competitions.

Don’t forget to include lanes across the center of the oval for figure eight racing. You’ll also want to build a garage area where the mechanics can get the cars ready for racing, and rebuilding after crashes.

Your first construction task is flattening the ground to form a foundation to build on.

Start with the excavators. As you clear the roughest areas first empty the excavator bucket into the dump trucks for removal.

Then loosen the surface of the whole project area with the excavators, and bring in the front loaders. Use the loaders to level the entire space you’ll build on. Scoop up the loose dirt, and fill the dump truck beds with it.

As each dump truck fills with dirt haul it to the outside of your event area then dump it around the perimeter to form the outer walls, and all the barricades, you designed for your course. If you have any extra dump it into a staging area for later use.

You need building materials for the stands and suites, along with the garages, concessions, and other buildings to give your event center a realistic look.

Deliver all the material you need to your construction site with flatbed semi trucks. Unload the flatbed trailers with forklifts. You can position each piece into place with the cranes.

After you complete your NITRO event center construction project invite your remote control friends to the races. Make it an all day RC fun activity with a cookout. Schedule enough racing events to run all the different NITRO RCs in your collection, and the NITROs in your friend’s collections as well.

Now you can give the kids and grandkids some quality time too. Their greatest joy comes from spending time with you. Why not thrill them with RC activities. Spend a few hours racing cars, buggies, and trucks with them.

They’ll remember the day you spend with them as one of the best times of their lives.

Build this NITRO RC project with your RC construction toys, and you’ll have a racing setup to give you years of remote control pleasure.

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Use Your RC Construction Toys To Build Barricades For The Kid’s Snowball Fun

Don’t let those RC construction toys sit on the shelf and collect dust just because there’s snow on the ground. Build a couple “snow forts” in the yard, and have a snowball fight.

This project’s just right for giving the kids some of your quality time.

Start by imagining the design for your project. Make each fort as elaborate as you wish. You need a barricade for the kids to duck behind when the snowballs fly at them from the other fort.

Make the shape of your fort a straight wall, a semi-circle, a horseshoe, or a V-shaped structure. Build it wide enough to give protection, and snowball throwing room, to three or four kids.

For this project you need two forts. Space them far enough apart to give the kids throwing space.

Get the little ones to help you with this project starting with the design phase. The more involvement they have the more fun for them. And you give them a memory they’ll cherish enough to tell their kids about.

Make a drawing of your project so you have a blueprint to work from.

First clear the areas where you’ll build the forts.

Excavators work well for this clearing job. Fill the excavator bucket with snow, and empty it into your dump truck.

As you fill your truck haul the snow to a holding zone. You’ll use that snow to build the barricade.

Once you have enough space opened up start forming the shape of your wall by emptying the dump truck loads where your blueprint shows them. As your wall gets higher just drive the truck up onto it, and keep dumping.

Once your excavator digs the snow away to a depth that it can’t dig any more start up the front loader to complete the clearing of the snow inside your fort.

As the loader bucket fills empty it into the dump truck, and haul the snow to your wall for unloading.

When you clear the fort’s area of snow create a new excavation site to load the rest of the snow your wall needs onto the truck for transportation.

Locate this new site far enough away from your fort that you leave plenty of “snowball” snow available to the kids in the fort. They’ll need plenty of ammunition after completion of the forts, and time for the snowball fight comes.

This is a weekend project that gives you and the kids lots of quality time together. To a child nothing shows love more than the time you spend with them.

And you get plenty of playtime with your RC construction toys too.

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Use Your RC Construction Toys To Build A Remote Control City In The Snow

Give your kids a unique experience playing in the snow while they build a remote control city with that snow using RC construction toys.

If you live in an area where the snow falls in winter chances are you have plenty of that white stuff lying around right now. I know I do.

When you take the excavators and front loaders out to clear snow from the sidewalk and driveway let the dump trucks haul it to an area where you can play some more, and pile it up.

You and the kids get the pleasure of using your heavy equipment to clear the snow. Then you get more play time as you put those construction vehicles to work building a city in that big pile of snow you just made.

To start this project off you need a plan that shows you the layout of your city.

How many buildings do you need? What type of buildings will you build? (Skyscrapers, single and multi-level houses, parking garages, hospitals, gas stations) Where will you construct each building?

Will you build an airport with your city?

How will the roads look when your city is finished? Don’t forget to plan some tunnels for those roads to run through.

What better way to test your driving skills after you build your city than to have some long tunnels to drive through? Don’t make those tunnels so long that you can’t reach into them and retrieve your vehicle if you get it hung up though.

This project hones your sculpting skills too.

Start with the excavators. Carve the shape of each building into the snow by digging the snow away from the outer walls of the building. Carefully operate your excavator for a detailed look to the finished building.

Empty each bucket of snow into the dump trucks for removal to a holding area. You’ll use that snow later to build future foundations, buildings, and roads.

Use the loaders to scoop up any loose snow that the excavators can’t grab. Place that snow into the waiting trucks for removal.

Once you’ve erected the downtown commercial buildings, the residential neighborhoods, and the airport put the excavators and loaders to work shaping the roads.

Follow the plan you made to dig through the snow to form your tunnels. This job requires a lot of skill with the excavator controls as you dig your hole through the snow.

Fill your bucket with snow, back the excavator out of the tunnel, empty the bucket into the dump truck or onto the ground, and return to the tunnel for another bucket load.

If you collapse your tunnel just bring the excavated snow back, make a new pile, and start again.

After you create a rough network of roads and tunnels use the front loaders to perform the final leveling on the driving surfaces.

Once you complete this project you’ll have a remote control city to give you and the kids hours of radio control fun.

Yes, your city will disappear when the warm weather comes. But think of all that quality time you have with the kids while the city stands. And the snow will come again.

That’s hours of fun driving your cars and trucks around the remote control city you built with your RC construction toys.

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RC Turns To Trucks And Buggies When The Ground’s Too Frozen For Digging With RC Construction Toys

RC trucks and buggies give you remote control fun that doesn’t always rely on the RC construction toys for a place to play.

Winter temperatures below freezing keep the ground too hard for your construction models to dig and shape roads, towns, racetracks, or monster truck arenas.

When you don’t have room to build an event center, or you just haven’t set time aside to start construction, use your all-terrain vehicles. Just create some racing and climbing events using obstacles that nature, or man, left in your way.

Radio control monster trucks and buggies are the best models for frozen tundra navigation.

Find a ditch or ravine, and go hill climbing.

Get your RC friends together and hold a competition climbing up the sides. See who finds the hardest climb, and who climbs the fastest.

Find a lumpy field and convert dirt mounds into a makeshift obstacle course. See how fast your RC launches off the top of a hill, and how far it flies.

Use some plywood and two-by-fours and build ramps for jumping events.

Rush across the ground at high speed, racing against other RCs. Hold some drag racing competitions. Lay down some rope or other material to mark the boundaries of an oval for more racing fun.

Mix your races up. Race trucks against buggies to see which models are fastest. Find out which vehicles launch the farthest from the hilltops, and which RCs handle the roughest terrain.

Put together an area for stunts, and see what kinds of stunts the individual RC hobbyists dream up to perform with their models.

Make this a neighborhood radio control get together. Plan a day of competition. Create races for the different model categories. Hold different events for different scale models. Award prizes for the winners in each category.

Divide the categories even further. Hold events for the different age groups of participating hobbyists.

Give prizes for the best RC driving and handling skills in each age group.

Frozen ground that you can’t use your RC construction toys to shape doesn’t mean an end to your remote control fun. Just leave that fleet of construction models in the garage until the ground thaws out.

Keep your hobby alive. Use the models in your collection that run on any type of landscape. (Frozen, hilly, muddy, or flat.)

Pull out your RC trucks and buggies.

You’ll have a day of remote control fun to get you planning for RC activity all winter long.

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Create A Replica Of Wolf Creek Pass With Your RC Construction Toys

Test your remote control driving skills, and those of your friends, with a mountain road you build with your RC construction toys. Make this a scaled replica of Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, and you’ll have hairpin turns and switch back curves to give you fun times for all your radio control models.

Get yourself some pictures and measurements of the pass from before 2000. Construction efforts widened the road into multiple lanes during the period of 2000 to 2007. Before that the road was two lane. It’s much easier to navigate now.

I learned from a trip through the pass in 1976 that the road on the west side of the mountain was the scarier drive. Driving your RC vehicles up and down that west road will give you lots of experience for your remote control hobby. Winding back and forth I thought I’d never get to the end. But it is a very scenic drive, and still a cherished memory.

When you draw out your blueprint for this project make sure you include the trees, and mountain views. Your pictures will show you how to plan the snaking road and surrounding area.

With your planned project drawn out on paper haul the heavy equipment to the construction site with your flatbed semi trucks. Use the flatbeds to deliver your trees, and the raw materials for building the road, to the job site too.

Put the dump trucks to work hauling in the dirt you’ll build the mountain with.

Start with the excavators. Start piling the dirt into the shape of the mountain. Drive your construction equipment around on the piled dirt to pack it down.

When your mountain gets high enough, and steep enough, bring in the front loaders to help the excavators with their piling work.

Next use the excavators and loaders to shape a foundation for the road. Make it turn back and forth with the hairpins and switch backs that you drew on your blueprint, mimicking the pictures. After you dig out your road bed make sure you pack it tight. Then put your road surface down.

Now it’s time to plant your trees on the mountainside. Move them into place with the dump trucks or semis. Dig holes for the trees’ placements with the excavators. Position the trees with the front loaders.

When you’re finished with the construction work of building your Wolf Creek Pass replica you’re ready to go for a scenic mountain drive.

Call in all your remote control hobby friends, and get traffic going up and down both sides of the mountain.

Blend the vehicles so you have semi trucks, cars, and pickup trucks driving together, and passing as they negotiate the snaking road.

With this mountain project, built with your RC construction toys, you’ll have hours of fun. And you’ll hone your remote control driving skills too.

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Plan A Spaghetti Laced Highway System And Build It With Your RC Construction Toys

Use RC construction toys, and create activity centers that test, and improve, your skills for driving all your other remote control cars and trucks.

Ever seen pictures of the highway systems around Los Angeles? Ever visit California, and get the unique experience of driving around that maze of roads? Maybe you live there, and drive that system every day.

The first time I visited Los Angeles I took a while to figure out how to get where I needed to go. Driving around those complicated highway systems in California’s major cities tests a first time visiting driver’s sanity.

At first glance those roads stack on top of each other endlessly. They appear to cross multiple times for miles, and then start crossing each other all over again.

To build your highway system first get a picture of the layout you want to create. Draw up a blueprint that details the scale of your project. Make sure the measurements for width and overhead clearance allow for every size model you’ll drive around your highway system.

Make your system super complex. Wind your roads in and around, back and forth. Design hairpin turns, and steep inclines. Create bridges that span long distances overhead, and then dive into the spaghetti mix of roadway below.

Start with the trucks. Use flatbed semis to deliver your raw materials to the construction site. Haul in the extra dirt you need with your dump trucks.

Power up your excavators, and use them to shape the foundation of your ground level roadways. Let the excavator buckets pile dirt for the elevated surfaces. Make sure you leave gaps in your mounds of dirt for building your bridges.

Drive your construction equipment over the foundation areas to pack the dirt solid. You don’t want your elevated roadways collapsing onto lower areas.

Use cranes to lift your road surfacing, guard rail, and bridge materials into position.

Your forklifts take the material from the cranes, and move them to the areas where you’ll install them.

Does your blueprint call for tunnels that run under some roads?

Front loaders make great tools for digging those tunnels through elevated areas. They also work well for positioning the materials delivered by the forklifts into their installation spot. Just load those materials into the loader bucket, and move them into place.

When you’re ready to do the final leveling of your road surfaces you’ll use the loaders again, along with bulldozers and graders to prepare the surface for the road material. Use cement or blacktop materials for your road surface.

Next call all your radio control toy friends, and invite them to drive your highway system.

With your RC construction toys you just created a maze of highways, bridges, and tunnels. It’s a system to test the driving skills of every remote control hobbyist.

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RC Construction Toys Build Your Remote Control Project And Cranes Position The Building Materials

Your RC construction toys build any remote control project your imagination dreams up. You can use them no matter what type of project your design calls for.

And when the time comes to position your building materials, you’ll need your cranes to do the heavy lifting, and placement.

You start your project with excavators. The first task is clearing the land, or construction site, to get it ready for your buildings, roadways, hills, mud bogs, and lakes or ponds.

With the excavators you dig away excess dirt to start the leveling. The excavators also pile dirt up where you need to vary the contour of the land, or maybe you need hills for your monster trucks to climb. The excavators also dig the beds for your bodies of water.

For a city project you’ll construct houses, parking garages, gas stations, fire stations, police stations, and commercial skyscrapers. You want those buildings to sit on different levels. And you’ll carve roads in and around those buildings so your radio control models can arrive, and depart, to and from their city destinations.

Then you fire up the front loaders to scoop up the loose dirt, and fill the beds of the waiting dump trucks.

The loaders smooth the surfaces for the building foundations. They also ready the surface of the roadways before you pour the cement, or lay the blacktop.

When you’re ready for building materials semi flatbed trucks deliver them to your construction site. The forklifts off-load the pallets, and place them around the building area.

All those RC construction toys do the preparation work. They ready your site for putting together your remote control project.

When the time comes to start the assembly work of your project you need the remote control cranes. With the cranes you’ll lift the building materials to their assembly location, and position them exactly where they belong.

When you build your city the cranes position the blocks for the building foundations, or the lumber for the cement molds.

After the foundation sets cranes go to work positioning the framing materials. And the workers can start erecting the walls.

As the structure reaches skyward the cranes lift the materials. They place those materials where the construction workers have easy access to them.

If you designed a racetrack the cranes move the material into place for the barrier walls, bleachers, and observation towers.

Does your blueprint call for the construction of a monster truck competition arena?

The excavators build the mounds for your trucks to jump, but the canes lift the cars (that your trucks jump over) into place between those mounds.

No matter what type construction project you build you’ll need to position the building materials. That calls for the construction cranes.

Cranes have an important place in your fleet of RC construction toys.

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What RC Construction Toys Do You Use Most In Your Remote Control Building Projects?

With RC construction toys you have the opportunity to dream up, and build, a number of different remote control projects. Some quick ideas include racetracks, airports, lakes and ponds, cities and towns, monster truck rally arenas, climbing hills, mud holes, and bogs.

Your radio control hobby takes on new meaning when you grow your own fleet of construction models. It gives you added pleasure when creating the activity centers for running your cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, airplanes, buggies, and helicopters.

When you build those projects you’ll use all of that construction equipment, as you need its individual operating function. But you most likely have particular models that you favor over the others.

One type of construction activity always pleases you more than any other. Which construction function gives you the biggest smile?

A fleet of RC construction toys includes excavators, front loaders, dump trucks, cement mixers, forklifts, semi trucks, and cranes. Sometimes you’ll also want tow trucks, and garbage trucks.

Your construction project normally starts with the excavator work. The excavators dig excess dirt away to give you a rough shape to your foundation. Excavators are mobile. Mounted on wheels or tracks they allow you to carry the dirt to remote collection areas one shovel load at a time. But moving the excess dirt to the collection area one bucket at a time is a slow process. So you dig it with the excavator, and pile it to the side for later removal.

To take care of that piled dirt you fire up the front loaders. You can move that dirt to the collection area with the front loader too. Again, that’s a slow process, as it also requires moving the dirt one shovel at a time. So to make your construction effort more realistic you use the front loader to scoop up the dirt from your piles, and load it into the dump trucks.

Dump trucks remove all of your excess materials away from your construction site. They haul the excess dirt to the collection areas. Dump trucks also carry rock and other solid debris out of the way of the construction crews. When the crews need those materials during the construction effort the dump trucks haul them back again.

Cement mixers move the concrete into place. And the mixers pour the foundations for buildings, surfaces for racetracks or airstrips, or lay the roads.

You deliver all of your building materials to the construction site with the semi trucks. Everything you need to assemble your buildings, fences, barricades, and bridges arrive on the flatbeds.

The forklifts lift the building materials from the flatbeds, and move them into position for the construction crews.

When the crews build to upper levels of structures the cranes lift the materials skyward, and into position.

Every effort during the job uses a different piece of equipment. That gives us more fun during each phase of our construction project.

But there’s always one activity that we enjoy more than all the others, isn’t there?

Which piece of equipment among your fleet of RC construction toys do you favor most?

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Power Up Your RC Construction Toys And Build A Winding, Stacking, Soaring Highway System

With your RC construction toys you can build a road course to drive all your other remote control wheeled models on. Draw up a blueprint for your highway system, and include interstate highways, country roads, and city streets.

Make your driving system complete with stretches of tunnel (be careful you don’t make your tunnels so long that you lose your radio signal inside). Build roads that stack up into multiple layers above each other. Construct hills for your RCs to climb and descend. Dig valleys and hollers for scenic tours with the family vehicles.

Elevate lengths of pavement into soaring, winding loops. Bank them steep, but just enough that your cars and trucks won’t fall off as they cruise along.

After you create your highway design on blueprint start up the RC construction equipment. It’s time to start the fun part of your building project.

You’ll dig away the foundation areas of your construction site with the excavators. Remove all excess dirt to form a rough shape for your completed project. As you remove the dirt to form your flat areas send it to the designated locations for your hills, and the spots for your elevated roads. Later you’ll shape those formations before laying the road material.

After the excavators finish shaping your flat spaces and hills, and digging the valleys and hollers, move the loaders in to sculpt, and smooth. They perform the final touches. Front loaders scrape the roadbeds, and prepare them for pouring the cement for the road surface.

Any dirt you have left over the front loaders will scoop up and move out of the way. They’ll place that dirt into the dump trucks for removal.

You’ll haul the extra dirt away with the dump trucks. They move it to either a collection site, or to the areas where you’ll use it to construct your climbing roads, and elevated highways.

When the loaders complete the roadbeds deliver, and pour, the cement with the cement mixers. Now your highway system starts taking shape.

You’ll need guard rails and fencing to give your project a realistic look. Your semi truck flatbeds haul the materials for building those fences and rails. Forklifts unload the flatbeds, placing the material at convenient locations around your construction project.

Next your cranes position the materials for assembly of the fences and guardrails.

To give your highway system a final look of reality paint the cement black for a blacktop appearance. Then paint white and yellow navigation stripes, and you’ll have real looking roads.

Get imaginative and rig up a remote control truck with a paintbrush to paint those stripes. That’ll test your radio control driving skills as you steer to keep your paintbrush in a straight line.

Now your construction project is complete. You have a highway system to last years for driving your cars and trucks around.

With a little creativity you can design a fun project for your RC construction toys.

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